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Cerpen Bahasa Inggris untuk Pemula

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris

Men, ini bukan cerpennya yang untuk pemula, tapi englishnya! Jangan tanya kenapa, harusnya kamu tahu. Karena bahasa Inggrisku ngepas.
Cerpen bahasa Inggris ini asli karyaku sendiri, dan versi terjemahannya pernah kupajang di Kompasiana.
Cerpen bahasa Inggris pendek untuk pemula ini berkisah tentang dua anak kecil yang ditinggal ibunya hingga remaja, dewasa, bahkan selamanya. Selamat menikmati ya!

Mice Disguised as Our Mom

When I was a child, I believed my mother was a mouse. Even though in teens age, my intellect refuse it. But until I was an adult, I was used to that belief.

My quiet mother was not like most women according to the news. Mother is not fussy, not whiny, also does not like to curse. If she is sad, she chooses to be alone in one of our rooms.

With her character, she gave birth two boys who look like her. Me and my brother.

My brother said, "If Mom turn into a rat, then Daddy are a cat."

I disagree. Dad is even more a dog than a dog.

"Do dogs eat mice?" asked my brother in our childhood first.

"Dogs eat anything," I explained. Our neighbor's dog used to carry away anything. Sometimes he takes used diapers and chewed them in our yard, then left them there.

"So it's not because of eating mice, but because of his behavior!" I said stressing on brother.

"Dogs also bark, don't they," he added.

I wiped my little brother's hair, admiring his ever-increasing intelligence.

As two sons, we are Mother's protectors. If she is sad, Mom usually hugs us on her left and right. Her eyes filled of tears.

Mother kissed our faces while saying, "I want to disappear. Take care of yourself!"

Usually my young brother and I immediately hugged Mother tightly. We are so afraid of losing her. Even though with her existence, the house was always quiet.

Unless Dad is at home. No, Dad is not easy to beat his wife. I don't even remember he ever hits Mom. Dad is also not polygamy. If someone asks, "Is your father bad?" we never said yes.
Cara Menulis Cerpen untuk Pemula
Dad always reign. If we were slow to respond, he would slam anything close by shouting, "Dog!" just like calling himself.

My brother and I agreed not to cry. What should we cry about?

Especially when comparing with Mom. It certainly doesn't make sense if we had to cry, while she, the woman, could remain silent. Shutting her mouth tightly, working on commands in silence, almost expressionless.

Strange things will happen when Mom is outside. She suddenly became jolly.

My brother really likes it if Dad tells Mom to go out with him. They reprimanded the neighbors, talking to anyone whom Dad had introduced to Mom.

I, the older one, knew that if Dad took her into the house, Mom would return to the truly her. At the first step entered our quiet home.

One night, my mother tells for the umpteenth hundred times. "Take care of yourself, I want to disappear." Then for the first time continued, "Laugh if you want to laugh, cry if you have to cry. You both are still men!"

Then Mom entered her favorite room in our house, staying as usual. My brother and I embraced to see her close the door from inside.

Days later, we never saw Mom come out. Mom was also not found in any part of the house. We and Dad continue to look for her. Even as my young brother and I continued to age, and our Dad was death, Mom kept her promise to disappear.

The last thing I remembered was a small bench with a rope on it. And a mouse staring at me from a small hole in the window.


  1. Mind-blowing bgt mba ceritanya! Eh tapi ini emg saya yg gak ngerti bahasa Inggrisnya atau emg ceritanya yg beneran bikin mikir, hoho😂 Eitherway, saya sukaa cerpennya mba!😍

    1. apalagi nulisnya, bikin laper! wkwk. gayamu gak ngerti english, blogmu keminggris gitu. terima kasih ya!

  2. Aku jadi ingat salah satu cerita di Ice Age yaa..
    Yang mamooth perempuan, Ellie - tumbuh besar bersama The opposum bersaudara.
    Beginikah rasanya?

    1. aku malah belum nonton itu, hehe

  3. Keren..
    Jadi pingin bikin juga, draft by draft dulu ya?

    1. tulis yg versi indo dulu trus ditranslate. ayo mbak, ditunggu!

  4. Wahh ceritanya bagus mbak..
    Apa sudah pernah buat antologi cerpen mbak?
    Sayang klo g dibukukan

    1. sudah pernah buat, dah lama. yg ini belum masuk ke mana2. thx ya

  5. Nice story, jadi inget sama Peter Pettigrew di film Harry Potter. Lucu juga nih kalau ada serinya terus dibukukan dalam buku kumcer berbahasa Inggris.

  6. Take care of yourself
    Aku menuju link terjemahan deh. Soalnya inggrisku rada berantakan. Takutnya salah arti. Waks.

  7. Wah, bagi saya cerpen ga pernah mudah. Belum pernah berhasil buat soalnya. Jangankan bahasa Inggris, bahasa Indonesia saja belum pernah berhasil buat..hihi..jadi ini keren banget, sudah cerpen, bahasa Inggris pula. Jadi pengen belajar nulis cerpen..

  8. Seluruh cerita bagus, tp seketika rasa haru berubah jadi lucu ketika ibunya mau "disappear" Menghilang sperti ninja? ,, mngkin maksudnya Go Away ya hehe..